29 December 2011

A few crazy stories about how I ended up killing so many good cowboys / video masterpiece trailer is here:

21 December 2011

Anatomy / album press reviews
You can find a few reviews here: . -----------------------------------------------------------------

18 December 2011

Xmas video message:
Behind every minor Drugstore xmas single,
a major musicbiz disaster.
Wishing a super-happy xmas and a cool new year to everyone out there who's been supporting us on our mini-life adventure, and let's also include all the strangers too.
May the craze season bring a little joy to all of us.

7 December 2011

Sócrates, the Great
One of Brazil's most formidable footballers and personal hero of mine, has died.
A real phenomenal guy who transcended his natural flair and great talent on the pitch, and went on to become a beacon for fair-play and justice.
An unlikely athlete, skinny and almost clumsy, famous for his trademark 'back-flip', who left many a gringo looking fool stranded on the green, an unashamedly heavy drinker and smoker, who'd light-up a ciggie at half-time, and to top it all off, a doctor by degree: smart, funny and articulate to the bone, who spoke openly against injustice and actively for democracy.
Humanity could not have designed a cooler sporting hero if it tried to.
The Brazilian world cup squad of 1982, which he captained, is considered by footy connoisseurs, to be our best, surpassing the talent and heights of the classic 1970 squad;
But it's an unfair comparison, for if 1970 was the best 'old skool' team, when the game was still quite slow and players would keep a good mile away from each other, it is the 1982 squad that marks the beginning of modern football as we know it: fast, furious and shameless - It's a turning point, just as the ugly efficiency of muscle building science and the advertising magnets are taking over and turning the sport into the billion-dollar consuming monster that it is today.
Brazil's 82 World Cup squad is the last bastion, a hallmark for individuality and flair, and Sócrates, the leader personalising the spirit of that wonderful team.
The most appealing aspect of his story, one which I think we can extend to every single field of human endeavour, whereas in arts or sports, is that talent this bright is not a product of 'hard work' and learnt technique, no - it is something way more powerful and out of control: it is a natural gift, randomly scrambled and falling perfectly into place.
Sócrates was like that, effortlessly talented.
He liked staying up late, smokin 'n' drinkin' and would often skip practice - because he could.
He would stride lean and horse-like onto the field, beautifully. This gentle giant without a hint of arrogance, almost like saying: look, look at me, there's this thing I can do without even trying to, it starts in my head, grows in the groin and lands on my feet. It's no big deal, really.
That's just who I am.
pure genius.
About a year ago, a journalist who follows me on twitter, aware of my passion for the Great Doctor, sent me Sócrates' personal email address, as he was gonna be in London for a week. I had every intention of contacting him and get him to speak a few words on a new footie song I'd written. But I never got in touch, the days went by and I completely forgot about it.
Whether we would have met or not is now immaterial, as the idea that we could have met will now live in my imagination.
Here's a Youtube tribute to that great 1982 squad - featuring some dodgyo over-melodramatic muzak and nasty graphics - it worked for me: had to drag emergency box of Kleenex out:
and make sure to take a good look at the team line-up before the match: every shape, colour and size: each one, a unique little talent, and how unlike the pathetic and uninspiring pasteurized muscle-inflated billion-dollar corporate ad selling machine of today's modern players.

2 December 2011

Time Out
Back under the starry sky of the Drugstore cave, having spent a pretty emotional month, overwhelmed by personal stuff.
Wasn't it Lennon who said that life is what happens, while you're busy making other plans?
I guess, sometimes, that pretty much sums it up.
Just as we were gearing ourselves up for a grand finale to our lovely year, with a xmas party extravaganza at the Scala, my father was taken ill - and my life overtaken by a tsunami of events beyond my control.
I try very hard to keep personal/family/work and lovers-life quite separate from the public Drugstore sarabande, but every now and again, and inevitably, the lines get crossed and boundaries blur-up.
So, the Scala gig was put away, as it simply didn't feel right to be celebrating under the circumstances - (needless to say, the few hundred who bought tix for the show, will be refunded) - and I took a few weeks away from this Drugstore life, to hurdle-up within my broken family circle.
I think it was the right thing to do - I just needed a little time and space for some life-atonement.
Funny isn't it?, when you're in your 20s, death is an impossibility.
Then, in your 30s, you start to casually worry about it, but think you got it under control by swapping 'sugar-puffs' for organic muesli.
Now, in your 40s, as your next of kin start to crumble, you do see it for the first time - just beyond the horizon, on that deserted beach where all souls stand upon:
the dark dark light that will soon engulf us all.
message from your leader:

7 October 2011

Beachpod acoustic session
We got back from Kent with about 6 hours of footage to sift through.
Needless to say, 95% consisted of mindless banter, silly jokes and good performances where, predictably, band were 'out of shot' - classic.
Still, managed to pull out 2 or 3 good takes and it's nice to have a record of some of the Anatomy songs played stripped-down and live.
Have some budget saved for a 'proper' vid for Aquamarine, which we're hoping to release as a single, sometime within our lifetime.
Here's some outtakes, left-overs from the beachpod session:

6 September 2011

Kent video shoot and the madness of the music industry .
A few weeks ago we shot a super lo-fi vid, as a preview for our upcoming single 'Standing Still', for the NME online.
We did it in a hurry, as a fun little thing, shot it on my tiny 3mgpix camera, and I confess, was pretty darn pleased w/ the result.
But, as it was shot in small rez, by the time it got uploaded, and published twice as large, it did look a little too low-rez and fuzzy for viewing consumption.
Long story short: a fan decided to donate some cash towards a better video - craze, isn't it? to think that someone out there cares as much as we do, still rattles my heart.
So, last 2/3 weeks we hooked up w/ a few would-be video makers, met production companies - but things started to turn ridiculous pretty fast, in a way that they can in the musicbiz - like: they wanted an 'americana feel', ok, we like the sound of that - but then they mentioned 'old Chevy's' 'neon lights' and the dreaded 'american diner' - hold your horses right there - that doesn't sound good at all - our 'americana' is slightly more subtle than a bloody pair of cowboys boots (hate'em, by the way).
When I heard them discussing what I was gonna wear, probably something long and floaty, that was it - I had one of those 'inner voice' moments, when a big bunch of people around you are telling ya: 'yeah, its gonna be great', but little voice inside shouts: 'no, no, it's not gonna be bloody great. get out, isabel, get outta of here and take your beloved little band away from all this silliness'. and so we did.
I'm keen on collaborations, really am, but you gotta hit me with a great idea - doesn't have to be big or expensive, indeed, some of the best/coolest and most engaging videos have very little to do with size of production, it's all about a strong 'idea'.
Nothing worse, in my book, then to spend the graciously donated cash and end up with yet another run-of-the-mill, generic, meaningless video.
So, we've decided instead to just go to the seaside and do some shooting ourselves. No mega ambition here, just wanna end up with some nice footage, a record of this Anatomy moment, and do something simpler, but meaningful to us.
At this stage of our mini-mouse-career, we're really not trying to achieve anything, hit the bright lights, nothing like that; in fact, that the record is out there at all is the achievement - all I hope is that we stick to our small guns and just keep doing music we wanna listen to, and film stuff we don't mind looking at ourselves.
that's all, really.
Found pretty cool'n'cheap beach-pod on the Kent coast, and we're gonna be close-hauled up there for a few days - taking a decent HD camera along, a bottle of Tequila and a variety of ponchos.
we got our video masterplan.
ps1 - that miss m is taking sunglasses to grey Kent coast, is proof of enduring optmism:
. ps2 - this is where we're heading: . ps3 - le beach-pod: . ps4 - and here's the lo-fi homemade preview we did for Standing Still:
Acoustic sesh / weds 14th /Broadway Market
As a replacement for last month's cancelled RoughTrade instore, 'cause of the riots, we'll be playing a mini-acoustic sesh, nxt weds at the Cat&Mutton pub, in Broadway Market. Sesh is hosted by BBC6Music's Chris Hawkins.
Free entry, so come along and buy us a well deserved round of drinks - ta.
. -----------------------------------------------------------------

28 August 2011

La Berliner
Due to the extra-cool response Anatomy has been getting in Germany - and the increased probability of band doing a few dates over there - I thought we should share 'La Berliner', which was originally published on the 'Secret Black Blog', as part of the Anatomy Pledge Project, with the rest of the known Universe.
You can read it here: (hides *)

21 August 2011

A-live and kicking
Bands usually hate their own performances. That, I believe, is an essential genetic trait all artists share, and it is the only tool that any musician can and should use to propel you to aim to do better: your own criticism.
One of the things I've grown to dread about the digital age is that, although it's great that so many people help plug your work, on the other hand, I have no control over it (never a good thing in my book) - and inevitably you end up with a heapload of uploaded pics and videos that you desperately want to delete/delete/delete and erase from google's implacable cached memory.
(bloody Iphones, even 5 year olds have'em).
The day after the St Giles gig, I was kinda dreading seeing the footage back, too many things could have gone wrong: 1st gig w/ new line-up and only 8/9 rehearsals, weird church acoustics, new guitar, pressure to get vino/merch and tix stand ready, and so forth.
Delighted that one of our fans, Gary Simpson, quietly shot 'Lights Out'. By no means perfect, but I think it captures the evening's intense atmosphere really well, and no, Drugstore didn't do too badly either.
I think I can live with this one. just. .
'lights out' shot by Gary Simpson /St Giles Church, Anatomy album launch - 18/08/2011

19 August 2011

Auto-review / Drugstore @ St Giles gig
memorable. .

17 August 2011

St Giles in the Fields gig - survival guide
Order of Service:
Dos and Don'ts:

16 August 2011

Setting the carousel in motion - prepping the St Giles gig
Church gig. Album launch. New cowboys. Party Competition. Handmade tickets... bloody maradona, what have we taken on?
Getting the church gig together was a mega undertaking;
Don't think we could have done it without everyone else chipping in.
From Nick sorting out the Alleycat, Jimmy nicking the wristbands, Pete tasting and approving the wine, to Phil doing, well, a mountain of stuff.
St Giles was a challenge that many a promoter would have shied away from, but stubborn we are, and now, as we finally see the last few items on the 'to do list', our hearts on the verge of precipice, where all this effort will glide into notes and little melodies, and slides and subtle beats, and smiling faces, bottles of wine and songs of sorrow and hope
I feel real touched that all this people have made such an effort to deliver a little drugstore nite music.
And as mentioned earlier today, probably my most profound twit:
let's rock!
hundreds of little anchors kept miss m awake into the wee wee hours:
...and the files and folders kept multipling: -----------------------------------------------------------------

10 August 2011

Panic in the streets of LDN - Rough Trade Instore Cancelled
What a craze, craze weekend.
Our beloved city turned into a makeshift mini-war zone.
Subject too complex to digress, and still feeling a bit under the weather, having witnessed more disturbing tv clips than brain can digest.
As a result, and concerned that situation, although now under control, still a bit edgy, we decided to postpone our instore appearance at the Bricklane Rough Trade shop.
It's always a bummer to let people down, but Monday evening Police asked all the shops 'round the area to close earlier - as our instore would have been at 7pm, we felt that there was a small, but possible chance, that we might be putting our fans, crew and band in a vulnerable position - and that's never worth the risk.
For everyone who bought the album at RT store and a wristband, expecting to see the band, we promise, we'll either re-schedule the instore or come up with some other alternative.
It's disappointing for us, but real heartbreaking for all the cool/good/innocent people who found themselves caught in the middle of such volatile situation.
All of our tiny fingers are now crossed, hoping that things will cool off, and our minds and hearts are dead set on delivering a heart-warming performance at St Giles Church next week.
stay cool.

4 August 2011

St Giles gig - thu/18/aug - VIP post-gig bash 11-30 pm at the Alleycat Bar
We'll be holding a post-gig VIP bash at the splendid Alleycat bar, on legendary Denmark street, literally a couple of minutes walk away from St Giles church - from 11-30 pm onwards.
To get in you will need a WRISTBAND, as limited places due to size of venue.
To get a wristband, you will need to come up with the essential DRUGSTORE COMMANDMENT:
Thou shall not.......................................?
Answers please to: drugstorevip@yahoo.com
1st 60 spaces will get the coveted wristband and the opportunity to chat band up and buy us a drink!
We've already received some er... interesting suggestions.
Bring it on, drugsters, bring it on!

20 July 2011

Drugstore Film Club - we recommend:
* GOMORRA * by Matteo Garrone
Winner of the GrandPrix at Cannes 2008, this is a compelling, incredible film, that left me shaking and reeling.
Full synopsis + info on the wiki:
Set in the harsh and moral-free world of a mafia controlled Naples' suburb - the film tracks down the slippery and crooked paths of different characters trapped in its underbelly.
Don't be put-off by its mafioso setting, this is a far cry from the Godfather's velvet clad glamorous set-pieces: it's as fast, brash and dry, as Sicily itself. It feels and looks very real indeed.
From the island that gave us both Bellini and Pirandello, director Mateo Garrone lays bare the putrid entrails of humanity at its lowest.
Essential viewing.
you can get it on Ebay: Gomorrah dvd

17 July 2011

Tinkle tinkle mini-mouse star - (yep..., another Ebay fuck-up)
I love Ebay, it's a treasure trove for the financially challenged bargain hunter.
An adventure that often starts with 'ink replacement+HPF380', but somehow ends with a 'commit to buy - vintage Snoopy bottle-opener'.
Soooo cute (ebay lingo), how can anyone resist?
There, all in favour of the impulsive, the superfluous and the ridiculous, rise and bid NOW.
Band just started getting a live set together and I was looking for some bits and bobs of percussion.
Find out what happened next...
(it looked alright on the picture - it did - it did!)
el seller-bastardo never listed the true size of his balls. coward:

25 June 2011

A thing of beauty - hole in the heart
Vinyl arrived - for once this sub-Camille Paglia motormouth is speechless, literally. It's just perfectly pretty and all washed up in blues.
Been incredibly busy, people would be amazed at how many little things need to get done, even at our homemade level.
The St Giles gig is now sold-out, thanks to our word-of-mouth lovers, and already a little over-subscribed. It's gonna be craze, but hopefully a nite - (why have I started using 'nite'?, that's twitter for you, condensing thoughts into monosyllabic rants and raping the language) - anyway, as I woz (ay caramba...) saying, hoping St Giles will be a night when the heavy load of our labour will be lifted away into the church canopy, and together, communion-style, we'll lose our souls in music. Looking forward.
As it's now becoming a habit, just as we're gearing up for a live show, I'm shaking the line-up a little, looking for that elusive perfect fit.
People may think I'm crazy and argue that there is no such thing, that in life we need to learn to negotiate with the imperfect. But I would argue back that I cannot help but strive for what I once saw in a dream; and as the band moves forward, little by little, we're getting closer and closer to the non-vanishing point.
Release date is upon us, AUG 8th, won't flee the country, but hide in the cave and say a little secular drunken prayer to everyone who's been helping along the way.
The empty space in the core remains, but now greatly uplifted by a piece of vinyl with its tine hole in the middle and subtle grooves in translucent light, as pretty and pure as that incredible moment, when the heart of everyman beats for the first time and strikes forward filled with infinite possibility.
Oh, what joy.
. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

8 June 2011

Pictorial report of CorkXsouthwest .
Snapshots of our 1st international jetsetting adventure:
Cork X Southwest photo-journal ----------------------------------------------------------------------

30 May 2011

* ALBUM Launch GIG - ST Giles Church thu 18th Aug *
Drugstore are thrilled to announce the Anatomy album launch with a gig at the beautiful St Giles in the Fields church, on thu aug 18th.
We really wanted to do it somewhere special to match our excitement at having the new record out, and the opportunity for everyone to come together and praise our crazebabyjezus and share the joy!
We're planning an evening of joyous singing, storytelling and merriment all around.
Quite a challenge setting up a gig at the church - we're hiring everything: the PA, the lights, sound engineer - but I believe it will be worth it.
Having exchanged many a pleading email with the church warden, we will be allowed to have drinks at the churchyard (but defo a 'no-no' inside the church) - so what we're planning is this:
Tickets will include a complimentary glass of wine on miss monteiro.
The evening will kick off with wine drinking at the churchyard, at 6pm.
We're asking everyone, in the true spirit of the whole Anatomy project, to bring some extra wine along (if you wish, or some lemonade, or tequila if you prefer), and share with other fans.
We'll provide the stylish plastic glasses.
The church does not allow the sale of any alcohol/so no bar, but they're happy for us to drink whatever we bring along - (bless'em).
Church doors will open at 19:30 and our hand-picked support band, SWEET SWEET LIES will do their beautiful thing.
(this is the band we stumbled upon at SecretGardenParty Fest and were quite taken by their calexico-esque/tindersticks-esque lovely melodies - we think you guys r gonna like'em too.)
Once they finish their set, there will be an INTERVAL of 1/2 hour - to allow everyone to get back out in the churchyard and refuel on vino and have a smoke.
We'll then play our set, with the usual improvised selection of old favourites and a good bunch of new songs from Anatomy.
Then, we'll all head for club/bar across the road - for post-gig drinking/flirting shenanigans.
If by 3am I'm asking the bartender to marry me(or worse...) someone kindly put me inside a cab w/ directions to Kew Gardens, thanks.
We just can't wait and really hope you can all join us.
It's gonna be an evening to remember.
Tickets available from wegottickets: .
ps1- we advise getting tix sooner rather than later, as church does not allow the cramming of bodies too closely together, so limited number of tix.
ps2- St Giles church is 5 mins walk away from Tottenham Court Rd tube station.
ps3- bring cushion/jumper to sit on, church seats warm on feeling/hard on bum.

12 January 2011

day 547- Anatomy Album Blog
Starting the album Blog today.
Last Rehearsals this week - on weds 19th we hit the studio.
Got shootloads to organise, but have album pretty much sketched out in my head.
Wish I had a little more time off, but feel we're ready to do 'it'.
In retrospect, I think we could/should have run the Pledge a few months earlier, coz it really felt like too many things were spiralling down the little funnel all at the same time, and at one point I was tempted to get the cash out of the band account and do a crazy runner.
But, we got everything done (did I say 'we'?! - wait a second, be fair miss m, the lonesome ranchers did all the posting, and during xmas week!), and it was totally worth the effort.
Shame things didn't work out w/ Mike, of course, goes without saying, intentions were good on both sides, and we all hoped for the best.
But, onwards and forwards we move, towards that sacred moment when that little red button that says: REC is gonna be pressed.
can't wait.
The Anatomy Album Blog is here:
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------