12 January 2011

day 547- Anatomy Album Blog
Starting the album Blog today.
Last Rehearsals this week - on weds 19th we hit the studio.
Got shootloads to organise, but have album pretty much sketched out in my head.
Wish I had a little more time off, but feel we're ready to do 'it'.
In retrospect, I think we could/should have run the Pledge a few months earlier, coz it really felt like too many things were spiralling down the little funnel all at the same time, and at one point I was tempted to get the cash out of the band account and do a crazy runner.
But, we got everything done (did I say 'we'?! - wait a second, be fair miss m, the lonesome ranchers did all the posting, and during xmas week!), and it was totally worth the effort.
Shame things didn't work out w/ Mike, of course, goes without saying, intentions were good on both sides, and we all hoped for the best.
But, onwards and forwards we move, towards that sacred moment when that little red button that says: REC is gonna be pressed.
can't wait.
The Anatomy Album Blog is here:
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Iris said...

Please come play in Brazil!!! Por favor! Meu sonho é ver vocês ao vivo!!!!!! You rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vocês são demais, amo muito muito muito o seu som! <3

Anonymous said...

You guys deserve more than to be on some hobby record label.