14 May 2014

OFFSIDE - The 2014 World Cup song is here!

It's time to dish out the professional footie advice. But will England manager, Roy Hodgson, listen to Gringa's tips to World Cup glory?
And you can grab a FREE MP3 or WAV download here -> http://drugstoreband.com/freebie.html

21 April 2014

Catch-up - spring 2014

Time indeed flies when you're busy keeping a sharp eye on the CIA, as they say...
Been doing all sorts of unmentionable things and, as a result, have for awhile neglected this blog - always a good sign, it means I've been plucking my wares away.
2013 ended with a really lovely gig @ the Barcelona Mini Festival of Independent Music - you can grab a few photos of the trip here:

and a few reviews here:
2014 - B R A Z I L
This is the year when all things turn Braziliana: World Cup, Elections + epic trip back home.
You can follow my rambles brazilianos here:

oh - and almost forgot, a new version of footie song OFFSIDE is in the baking.
Got to go, have a big big country to keep an eye on.