12 December 2010

day 516- Pledge - Last Day Party
This month has been craze-busy, due to the unprecedented success of our PLEDGE Project - 3 weeks= nearly 300% - amazing.
Today, the last day, I'm still a little overwhelmed by the positive response, the money raised and the many emails and cool messages, (and a few weird, but wonderful offers too!) received.
You guys did not disappoint, that's for sure, and we're totally grateful for the help, we needed it.
The cave is in a complete shambolic mess. The central heating is down, I haven't had time to check my post-box in days. There are boxes everywhere, paper, bags, drugstore goodies scattered around the place.
But, I can't remember a time when I felt so mind-numblingly happy. Getting up super early to get the stuff done, like a kid eager to greet Santa on Xmas day.
It's been really wonderful and I'm a little proud of having pulled off the project, the packaging, the mailing out, everything beautifully done.
Just like it's supposed to be: a special thing, made with love.
Next 2/3 weeks are strictly portastudio time, as I will try to demo all the songs, or as many as possible, that I'm hoping to get recorded at the studio.
The list of stuff I need to get done is still looming, but now, the world, british gas bill and everything else can wait:
it's all about the music, nothing else matters.
I'll leave now to celebrate our joint Pledge effort with a little whiskey I still have left, and a homemade lo-fi xmas vid.
Power to the People!