23 August 2013

* El President - Drugstore* tribute and tales

Something I've been meaning to do for ages.
The finely weaved, invisible strings that bond a story together can sometimes take a long while before they all meet at a single point in time.
The whole Presidento journey is here:
from faded chilean lovers to having to convince the band.
Enjoy it.

8 August 2013

* The Best of Drugstore * - pre-order

You can now pre-order the album straight from the label or from Rough Trade.
( both ship globally)


20 tracks, which include a special recording of 'I Know I could', a couple of obscure versions, a secret demo and a pretty 23 pgs booklet.
it's all rather lovely - it really is.


7 August 2013

H E L P ! Say Hello to Diana

One of our most loving and devoted fans, Diana, is flying all the way from Brazil for our 'best of' album launch @ Madame Jojos in September.
We want her trip to be a memorable one.
Find out how YOU can help here > > http://drugstore-diana.blogspot.co.uk/