28 August 2011

La Berliner
Due to the extra-cool response Anatomy has been getting in Germany - and the increased probability of band doing a few dates over there - I thought we should share 'La Berliner', which was originally published on the 'Secret Black Blog', as part of the Anatomy Pledge Project, with the rest of the known Universe.
You can read it here: (hides *)

21 August 2011

A-live and kicking
Bands usually hate their own performances. That, I believe, is an essential genetic trait all artists share, and it is the only tool that any musician can and should use to propel you to aim to do better: your own criticism.
One of the things I've grown to dread about the digital age is that, although it's great that so many people help plug your work, on the other hand, I have no control over it (never a good thing in my book) - and inevitably you end up with a heapload of uploaded pics and videos that you desperately want to delete/delete/delete and erase from google's implacable cached memory.
(bloody Iphones, even 5 year olds have'em).
The day after the St Giles gig, I was kinda dreading seeing the footage back, too many things could have gone wrong: 1st gig w/ new line-up and only 8/9 rehearsals, weird church acoustics, new guitar, pressure to get vino/merch and tix stand ready, and so forth.
Delighted that one of our fans, Gary Simpson, quietly shot 'Lights Out'. By no means perfect, but I think it captures the evening's intense atmosphere really well, and no, Drugstore didn't do too badly either.
I think I can live with this one. just. .
'lights out' shot by Gary Simpson /St Giles Church, Anatomy album launch - 18/08/2011

19 August 2011

Auto-review / Drugstore @ St Giles gig
memorable. .

17 August 2011

St Giles in the Fields gig - survival guide
Order of Service:
Dos and Don'ts:

16 August 2011

Setting the carousel in motion - prepping the St Giles gig
Church gig. Album launch. New cowboys. Party Competition. Handmade tickets... bloody maradona, what have we taken on?
Getting the church gig together was a mega undertaking;
Don't think we could have done it without everyone else chipping in.
From Nick sorting out the Alleycat, Jimmy nicking the wristbands, Pete tasting and approving the wine, to Phil doing, well, a mountain of stuff.
St Giles was a challenge that many a promoter would have shied away from, but stubborn we are, and now, as we finally see the last few items on the 'to do list', our hearts on the verge of precipice, where all this effort will glide into notes and little melodies, and slides and subtle beats, and smiling faces, bottles of wine and songs of sorrow and hope
I feel real touched that all this people have made such an effort to deliver a little drugstore nite music.
And as mentioned earlier today, probably my most profound twit:
let's rock!
hundreds of little anchors kept miss m awake into the wee wee hours:
...and the files and folders kept multipling: -----------------------------------------------------------------

10 August 2011

Panic in the streets of LDN - Rough Trade Instore Cancelled
What a craze, craze weekend.
Our beloved city turned into a makeshift mini-war zone.
Subject too complex to digress, and still feeling a bit under the weather, having witnessed more disturbing tv clips than brain can digest.
As a result, and concerned that situation, although now under control, still a bit edgy, we decided to postpone our instore appearance at the Bricklane Rough Trade shop.
It's always a bummer to let people down, but Monday evening Police asked all the shops 'round the area to close earlier - as our instore would have been at 7pm, we felt that there was a small, but possible chance, that we might be putting our fans, crew and band in a vulnerable position - and that's never worth the risk.
For everyone who bought the album at RT store and a wristband, expecting to see the band, we promise, we'll either re-schedule the instore or come up with some other alternative.
It's disappointing for us, but real heartbreaking for all the cool/good/innocent people who found themselves caught in the middle of such volatile situation.
All of our tiny fingers are now crossed, hoping that things will cool off, and our minds and hearts are dead set on delivering a heart-warming performance at St Giles Church next week.
stay cool.

4 August 2011

St Giles gig - thu/18/aug - VIP post-gig bash 11-30 pm at the Alleycat Bar
We'll be holding a post-gig VIP bash at the splendid Alleycat bar, on legendary Denmark street, literally a couple of minutes walk away from St Giles church - from 11-30 pm onwards.
To get in you will need a WRISTBAND, as limited places due to size of venue.
To get a wristband, you will need to come up with the essential DRUGSTORE COMMANDMENT:
Thou shall not.......................................?
Answers please to: drugstorevip@yahoo.com
1st 60 spaces will get the coveted wristband and the opportunity to chat band up and buy us a drink!
We've already received some er... interesting suggestions.
Bring it on, drugsters, bring it on!