16 August 2011

Setting the carousel in motion - prepping the St Giles gig
Church gig. Album launch. New cowboys. Party Competition. Handmade tickets... bloody maradona, what have we taken on?
Getting the church gig together was a mega undertaking;
Don't think we could have done it without everyone else chipping in.
From Nick sorting out the Alleycat, Jimmy nicking the wristbands, Pete tasting and approving the wine, to Phil doing, well, a mountain of stuff.
St Giles was a challenge that many a promoter would have shied away from, but stubborn we are, and now, as we finally see the last few items on the 'to do list', our hearts on the verge of precipice, where all this effort will glide into notes and little melodies, and slides and subtle beats, and smiling faces, bottles of wine and songs of sorrow and hope
I feel real touched that all this people have made such an effort to deliver a little drugstore nite music.
And as mentioned earlier today, probably my most profound twit:
let's rock!
hundreds of little anchors kept miss m awake into the wee wee hours:
...and the files and folders kept multipling: -----------------------------------------------------------------

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