21 April 2014

Catch-up - spring 2014

Time indeed flies when you're busy keeping a sharp eye on the CIA, as they say...
Been doing all sorts of unmentionable things and, as a result, have for awhile neglected this blog - always a good sign, it means I've been plucking my wares away.
2013 ended with a really lovely gig @ the Barcelona Mini Festival of Independent Music - you can grab a few photos of the trip here:

and a few reviews here:
2014 - B R A Z I L
This is the year when all things turn Braziliana: World Cup, Elections + epic trip back home.
You can follow my rambles brazilianos here:

oh - and almost forgot, a new version of footie song OFFSIDE is in the baking.
Got to go, have a big big country to keep an eye on.