25 June 2011

A thing of beauty - hole in the heart
Vinyl arrived - for once this sub-Camille Paglia motormouth is speechless, literally. It's just perfectly pretty and all washed up in blues.
Been incredibly busy, people would be amazed at how many little things need to get done, even at our homemade level.
The St Giles gig is now sold-out, thanks to our word-of-mouth lovers, and already a little over-subscribed. It's gonna be craze, but hopefully a nite - (why have I started using 'nite'?, that's twitter for you, condensing thoughts into monosyllabic rants and raping the language) - anyway, as I woz (ay caramba...) saying, hoping St Giles will be a night when the heavy load of our labour will be lifted away into the church canopy, and together, communion-style, we'll lose our souls in music. Looking forward.
As it's now becoming a habit, just as we're gearing up for a live show, I'm shaking the line-up a little, looking for that elusive perfect fit.
People may think I'm crazy and argue that there is no such thing, that in life we need to learn to negotiate with the imperfect. But I would argue back that I cannot help but strive for what I once saw in a dream; and as the band moves forward, little by little, we're getting closer and closer to the non-vanishing point.
Release date is upon us, AUG 8th, won't flee the country, but hide in the cave and say a little secular drunken prayer to everyone who's been helping along the way.
The empty space in the core remains, but now greatly uplifted by a piece of vinyl with its tine hole in the middle and subtle grooves in translucent light, as pretty and pure as that incredible moment, when the heart of everyman beats for the first time and strikes forward filled with infinite possibility.
Oh, what joy.
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8 June 2011

Pictorial report of CorkXsouthwest .
Snapshots of our 1st international jetsetting adventure:
Cork X Southwest photo-journal ----------------------------------------------------------------------