18 December 2011

Xmas video message:
Behind every minor Drugstore xmas single,
a major musicbiz disaster.
Wishing a super-happy xmas and a cool new year to everyone out there who's been supporting us on our mini-life adventure, and let's also include all the strangers too.
May the craze season bring a little joy to all of us.


Lex said...

Wishing you a great Xmas too and a brilliant new year 2012! I've got a feeling that it's gonna be a very good year... :)
Thanks for sharing your Xmas stories with us. x x x

isabel monteiro said...

' Merry merry xmas...' to you too and everyone.
One of the coolest off-shoots of being in a band, is that you end up accumulating a bunch of
This year, no different, more lovely craziness added do drgstr encyclopedia.
see you nxt year - x x x