29 July 2009

---------------------------------------------------------------------- day 18 how pigs make music


Glen Robins said...

Ah, a messy desk. The sign of a truely creative mind.
Just Google "Einstein's desk" and you'll see what I mean.
Psychologists have discovered that people who maintain a disorganised workspace are, in effect, using it as an extension of their mind and thought processes, storing little snippets of information here and there, easily accessible and not filed away, and are often more productive than their tidy colleagues.
Far better to spend the time doing the work than organising the desk.
Thats why my desk at work is spotless...!

isabel monteiro said...

hey glen-
that was an interesting entry -
a good point for a heated argument either way.I'm pretty obsessed about order and having everything in my universe at 45degrees - trust me, the real mess is inside the head - the desk/flat/closet and everything else as tidy as barbie's...

Lex said...

Glen, you're great! I'll feel less ashamed of being messy now! ;) When I place stuff on my desk it's not randomly even if it can look so, in general I'm able to find what I want... unless my boyfriend decides to tidy up a little, then I feel totally lost (but one shouldn't discourage men giving a hand at home, so... lol).

Lucky the tea/coffee didn't spread on kboard. ;) Looking forward to hearing the first demos. x

isabel monteiro said...

beginning to feel bad about cave being crazytidy... - took the pics as punishment.
now, being double-punished!, guess I deserve it

Lex said...

Well, I have a tendency to feel bad about my own messy habits but can't really help... I would gladly exchange a bit of my messiness for a bit of your tidiness. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oi Isabel ... meu nome é Orlando e sou de Fortaleza, estado do Ceará. sou seu fá desde meados dos 90. Eu e um montão de gente sente muuuuito sua falta. tem projetos novos ?? e Drugstore ?? bjos ...muita sorte pra ti ... bjo no coração.

gb said...

Coffee, cigarettes and a pencil and paper is how all of my life's work is made. Oink, darling.

(you can delete this part)

Seriously, Miss. I thought I might never get the chance to do some art for the Drugstore and if you're back, we should make my dream happen, oui? Oui.