28 July 2009

---------------------------------------------------------------------- day 17
La Gran Guitarra arrives at the drugstorecave and the air is filled with excitement! I'm now turning-off from the known universe and switching into the sloppy recesses of my little demos. Had to take a pic with the new black-beauty, but camera no longer has a working timer, so had to pose in front of the cave-lounge mirror...
As a desaparecida, I will leave you in the company of two intrepid, but open-hearted young boys, about to embark on a great journey into the darkest corners of the human heart. My own copy of this book has been held, grasped, curled and cried upon so many times, that now, no longer with its dustcover, it more resembles an old beaten-up bible, of some mad barefooted preacher. It is painfully dark and utterly desperate, but then..., You know in the last few pages, when Billy wakes-up, after having kicked El poor dog out the night before? - (...oh man, that 3-legged beast kills me, the wretched little thing, totally fucked-up by life, but still waggin' its tail...), but for some mysterious reason he then goes on looking for el perro? Isn't that a sign that, despite the unbelievably treacherous evil descent, there still remains in the heart of everyman some need to connect, a primeval string of compassion and love that links us all? Your task this week: read this masterpiece while I'm away, let's talk about it later.
"We think we are the victims of time. In reality, the way of the world isn't fixed anywhere. How could that be possible? We are our own journey. And therefore we are time as well. We are the same. Fugitive. Inscrutable. Ruthless."


Blaikie100 said...

Hi Isabel,
I've just discovered your blog and am delighted at the prospect of some new Drugstore music. Good luck with the London gig - I'd love to be there but live way up in Edinburgh, where I say you play at The Venue a few times. Those were great gigs that I remember vividly - hope you make it back here sometime soon!
All the best,

marky said...

dear isabel
you deserve that guitar and more!

Lex said...

Thanks for introducing the book. Just ordered it, should be here in a few days. The first chapter is available in its scanned version on Amazon but I prefer the contact of paper and reading lying in my bed rather than on the compy screen, so I'll wait a little... The 3-legged dog will probably broke my heart... I like the quotation.

isabel monteiro said...

again - muchasgracias to all for abundance of loveliness.
So you think that scabby little DOG is gonna break you? Hah! wait till YOU meet the sheWOLF!

el matador said...

isabel... i have always loved this book - it's my favourite from the 'border trilogy', in fact of all his books. heartbreaking.

isabel monteiro said...

ref- Edinburgh/scotland
Forgot to mention - always extracool(no pun intended...)gigs/fans in scotland - you guys have a tradition in that melodic indiestuff that it's not matched by your cousins south of the border...