26 July 2009

---------------------------------------------------------------------- day 16 - of human kindness
Today I briefly want to talk about the beauty of unexpected acts of kindness. I never keep track or a life-tally of either good, bad or the occasional ugly thing that comes knocking on my cave. I see life as a wonderful amalgamation of all of those things. But sometimes something happens, hits your life straight out of the blue yonder, an action of unprecedented kindness, that it stands out like a lit match in a sea of darkness, that you cannot help but be moved and intrigued by it. I have thought long and hard about the nature of goodness; It is an old debate that still leaves philosophers, scientists and believers divided, and I must confess, I'm nowhere closer to understanding its nature, but feel grateful that I have, on occasion, being able to witness such acts at close quarters. A week ago I posted an email to drugstore fans with a link to this blog, adding as a postscript: "now accepting donations in kind or kindness", as a joke, really, as "kind or kindness" was a term much used by cab drivers to prostitutes in the 18th century, returning back to East London from a busy evening in the West-End, "So...how would you like to pay, luv, kind or kindness...?". Anyone who has been following this blog/facebook/twitter is aware that I've been recording my demos with a nasty, untunable Kay guitar. Last night a complete stranger sent me an email with a link to Chappells Music Store, it read: "just pick the guitar you want and it will be delivered to you." Let's take a minute to contemplate. I felt overwhelmed, and still do.
After a short-lived struggle, decided to accept the gift, as I don't really see any point whatsoever in being proud, as it is the shameless, the one's that have a never-ending appetite for life that deserve to inherit the earth, the moon and everything else beyond.
So there you have it. Acts of kindness do occur, still don't know how or why, but mighty pleased they do! ps- need to add that drugstore fans who cannot send me expensive guitars or a Tiffany's bracelet, should not feel bad, for even the smallest act, (ie- an email, a comment on this blog, updating the drugstore website, plugging the Dingwalls gig etc) also have their own beauty, as they're all made from the right stuff.


Galaxy Of Emptiness said...

Ah....comprei o ingresso, vou ver vocĂȘs em setembro! Vai ter paulistana no show! :)
Ana Luisa

isabel monteiro said...

I'm a proud paulistana myself- old family, with more tradition than tangible assests.
Every single woman in my family, going way back hundreds of years, made really bad partner choices...
I fear I'm no exception.
saudades do brazza!
see you in september!

isabel monteiro said...

this was added by ANGELA on another post:
Blogger angela said...

Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh those good vibes have seeped into the corners of my weekend :) XxX
I hope your new guitar-I wouldnt know which was better, the guitar or the gesture-is even more gorgeous than a heavenly strawberry, rhubarb, meringue, fresh mint and cream dessert which I ate dreamily from a wine glass yesterday evening. I would rustle one up and attach it to an email if I could do either. I will work on both...

26/07/09 19:45

Lex said...

I feel so happy for you, Isabel! :) And the demos will be even nicer with the new guitar!

Anonymous said...

A joyous blog as always Isabel, full of pithy understanding.

Glad things are going well, I can't wait for the Dingwalls gig.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely story... and I too am looking forward to the gig