12 December 2010

day 516- Pledge - Last Day Party
This month has been craze-busy, due to the unprecedented success of our PLEDGE Project - 3 weeks= nearly 300% - amazing.
Today, the last day, I'm still a little overwhelmed by the positive response, the money raised and the many emails and cool messages, (and a few weird, but wonderful offers too!) received.
You guys did not disappoint, that's for sure, and we're totally grateful for the help, we needed it.
The cave is in a complete shambolic mess. The central heating is down, I haven't had time to check my post-box in days. There are boxes everywhere, paper, bags, drugstore goodies scattered around the place.
But, I can't remember a time when I felt so mind-numblingly happy. Getting up super early to get the stuff done, like a kid eager to greet Santa on Xmas day.
It's been really wonderful and I'm a little proud of having pulled off the project, the packaging, the mailing out, everything beautifully done.
Just like it's supposed to be: a special thing, made with love.
Next 2/3 weeks are strictly portastudio time, as I will try to demo all the songs, or as many as possible, that I'm hoping to get recorded at the studio.
The list of stuff I need to get done is still looming, but now, the world, british gas bill and everything else can wait:
it's all about the music, nothing else matters.
I'll leave now to celebrate our joint Pledge effort with a little whiskey I still have left, and a homemade lo-fi xmas vid.
Power to the People!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations for all the work done, thank you very much for the demos and a Happy Xmas,


Blacktoe said...

Wow, super-excited to hear about your success with the pledges, and that there's a new album on the way. I'm completely kicking myself that I didn't find out about this until now though. Whilst I'm a fan of your previous work, my wife followed your band with a passion, and was a huge fan! Such a shame I missed the chance to get in on the pledge treats as it's her birthday next week, and some of the pledging rewards would have blown her away!

Best of luck with it all, and will look forward to hearing the new tracks once the album's ready.