25 September 2013

Coolest UK hosts

Muchas gracias to our UK hosts who went out of their way to make sure Diana, the intrepid indie jetsetter and Drugstore fan who travelled all the way from Brazil for our 'Best of' launch, had a real great taste of El Gran Reino Unido.
I could not have booked if I tried to a more special selection of hosts:
John Kennedy, London > superlative DJ @ XFM radio station, host of cutting edge show Xposure.
It must have been some experience for Diana to sit in, while the show hit the airwaves live, then he invited her down for some exclusive XFM gig-party. I'm with the gentleman DJ - lemme in!
Lucy Brower, Glasgow > indie-maker supremo & promoter, who not only dragged our musical tourist to a pub-quiz, but managed to win the coveted prize: a crate of Red-Stripe.
Now, that's what I call a local experience.
Mof Gimmers, Manchester > topdog musicologist, writer extraordinaire and footie fan who I fear was forced by Diana to go on a magical mystery record store foot-search, looking for that elusive Drgstr album.
They managed to find it > in whippin' Picadilly.
Thanks to you guys, Diana will be taking home some rather special trip memories - and let's face it> being nice to Diana was a dead easy task > the girl is a proper little gem of a person.
Our job is done

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