8 August 2013

* The Best of Drugstore * - pre-order

You can now pre-order the album straight from the label or from Rough Trade.
( both ship globally)


20 tracks, which include a special recording of 'I Know I could', a couple of obscure versions, a secret demo and a pretty 23 pgs booklet.
it's all rather lovely - it really is.



Anonymous said...

i cant wait. i am definitely going to get this. hopefully i will get this for my birthday (which is surprisingly the day after).

oh, but will this ever be released on vinyl?

isabel monteiro said...

a pretty cool birthday treat!
CD only - w/ big booklet.
looking ffw.

Anonymous said...

cool. ive been looking forward ever since i heard you were releasing a best of album, so im very happy.

Anonymous said...

officially bought.