13 March 2013

Website pre-launch + homage to a well-deserving fan
Having spent over 3 months conquering 'HTML for really dumb people' (learning ancient Mandarin would've been easier...) - and just as I was about to publish the 'band website' I'd been working on forever, computer said NO, hardrive malfunctioned, and as I result, I ended up losing all my files and had to start the now renamed 'bloody band website' from scratch, all over again. arg.
It's finally done - will be uploading this week.
Hardly the web-design masterpiece of the year, but hopefully, an easy to use, fun and simple introduction to our band.
Having a band website - Does it make any difference?
Nope, it doesn't make any difference whatsoever - but, it's nice to have something up online, like a calling card, that perhaps a 20 year old from Paraguay who's never heard of our music,  might come across by chance, and the site will give him a glimpse into our universe, our music and who we are. 
That's all really.
I've tried to stick to a basic, simple layout - nuthing too fancy or too 'whacky' ( that is one word I truly dread...), and give a taster of everything we do: a few songs and photos, a few tales, a bit of everything.
Most fans will be already familiar with most of the site content, but there will be a surprise or two, and the opportunity for fans to collaborate and get involved in projects too - and that's fun for everyone.
Finally, we couldn't publish our own site without acknowledging the great help 'http://www.drugstoremusic.co.uk/ - a really awesome site run by our fan, Gary Simpson, has been for the band.
Following the band's disappearance during the dark years, when there was virtually no information online about our band, I mean, nada,  Gary's site was (and still is!) a beacon of light - and I hope it will remain so - he's got the best collection of Drugstore photo-reportage's - and methinks this vast universe of ours should easily be able to cope with more than one Drugstore related website.
Let's do it!
(googles: ftp server +crazywoman +how to upload...)
Link to Gary's site here>



Lex said...

You must have been reading my mind! Was just asking Gary yesterday to give me his website's banner so that I can put it on Turn-Ons Indie Attitude's new links page. ;)
Great memories there, from the gigs and Platts Eyot studio!
Looking forward to be visiting the official site! xx

isabel monteiro said...

yeah - I often visit his site too / go through some of the older reportages> a lot of great memories to treasure, and even to check dates... like, when did we play where?!! :) x

Diana Fsc said...

i love the discography page on the website run by Gary Simpson, hours and hours spent there looking at all those tiny singles/albums covers wishing to own them all someday...

I'm sure the new official website will be as great as Gary's - the world needs as much Drugstore as it can get!


isabel monteiro said...

yep - I love the photos, really captures the diff vibes of evry gig. x