12 November 2010

day 489- Return of the MaC
Had drummin' epiphany while watching that 'Anvil' documentary the other day.
Right at that moment the two old friends are standing together in the middle of Tokyo, in wonderment, happy to be alive after all the years of shared struggles, joys and heartaches.
Took a long breath, a very deep shot of brandy and decided to call Mike Chylinski, in LA.
I don't think there is a drummer left in London that we haven't auditioned and then politely sent away, and I just about had enough of wrong shirts and deadbeats. For as really nice and efficient all of them were, none could quite replace the very long and unmistakable shadow left behind by El Gran Gorilla, Mike.
And how could they? The man's got a degree in philosophy, for chrissakes, impeccable taste in everything, the intellect of a giant, and a heart as soft and big as his own shadow. And that's even before he even hit a drum. And when he does, it's always right, perfectly drugstore.
We just gotta hope that miss M and the Titan Americano will avoid clashing cymbals, and make the most of the beautiful album path that lies ahead.
Mike's coming back, and another great mini chapter is about to begin.
All hail.
ps1 - it really is m.a.c - mike alexander chylinski, how cool is that?
ps2 - i'm setting up a Pledge £ fan-fund, we're gonna need it...


Anonymous said...

excellent new miss montiero.
mike is the best.
any gigs?

Lex said...

Today was a boring grey and rainy day over here in France... but as I read you words, it's like the sun's back! Wow... This is so great a news!! :D

Now I'll be dreaming of the next album... :)

Great you're setting up the fan-fund! x

Mister Superglider said...

wonderful news !

feels like some of the old magic is still here, with the brand neew one :)

DianaFsc said...

wow wow wow!

that's great news, welcome back Mike C!!!
now getting closer and closer to a real Drugstore comeback!

fan-fund, yes finally!
Isabel, not sure if you know Princess Superstar, a hip hop artist, but check out her ultra-amazing fan-fund ideas: http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/princesssuperstar

isabel monteiro said...

Tx everyone for nice comms - I'm sure chilla will b delighted to know he'll be warmly welcomed back in the fold.
We're defo gonna need a little help w/ expenses, Im just about ready to set up the Pledge fan fund - w/ some cool things you guys can get involved in and help bring the project to life annd...
fuxkarrgg gottaa go,out of ciggies...

Lex said...

Wow, this Princess Superstar definitely has a lot of ideas hihi! Wonder how our miss Monteiro would like the "I come at your home to cook dinner" thing!! ;P *hides under her desk*

More seriously, do you plan to recreate some dolls like the one we can see on the White Magic For Lover cover, that fans could buy? :) x

isabel monteiro said...

LveryveryOL... heh
L - u should know that cooking not exactly one of my skills...
but you're not far off the doll, but this one's got a little twist in the tale...? :)