15 July 2010

day 370- A new song, a silly demo and a free pornopic
Superbusy getting the trip to Cambridge organised; We play the Haymakers on friday 23rd, then the Secret Garden Party Festival, 1st on main stage, on Sunday. Doing all sorts, from sending wrong invoices, mixing up setlists and just trying to keep hold of everything that needs doing.
Managed to put together a super-rough demo of 'Don't Throw Me In', but now missing the cool live-guitars, band version really brings it to life, with the decadent, piquant vibe the song needed.
Wrote another couple of songs, one pretty nice, but no time to demo them yet.
Also, squeezing in a super silly song - not to be taken seriously at all, 'Hardcore True Believers' - but it has a good story attached, so, just for the record, or as it will not be the case.
this is just me on the porta, rough-demo, lacks the cool band guitar-parts. would make a decent album track. (ooops - link to myplayerwathever fxckd)
----------------------------------------------------------------------HARDCORE TRUE BELIEVERS not to be taken seriously, pleaz
A while ago I went out with this guy, whose family were hardcore Christians. The further I got into the relationship, the more involved the family got. Never a good thing. I don't care much about what people want to believe in, from sex-driven abducting aliens, to some irrational miracle-birth, if that's what you believe in, no problemo.
But I do take issue with people pushing their views down your throat. The last xmas we spent together, when I was given a bible and a ridiculous book by some demented american preacher on how to be a good wife, it was a sign that things would never work out between us, and it was time to open the emergency parachute and jump - naked.
So I wrote this stupid song, had to be done with a churchy, gospel vibe, and it's as silly as it gets. I sometimes write stuff like that, that is never meant to be heard by anyone else, really, but the temptation to share a laugh got the better of me.
Can't really tell who's the sickest: them, the bible eating family from hell, or miss, for writing this stuff and deciding to publish it here, with pornopic included.
(but that 60's keyboard solo, my best yet huh?...)
---------------------------------------------------------------------- decided to delete HardcoreTrueBelievers, got on my nerves - only really like it when v.pissed. might make a return, someday. ----------------------------------------------------------------------


thiago carvalho-fernandes said...

i don't know, miss monteiro.
i might be a bit too crazy on this one, but i just think that 'hardcore true believers' sounds great and should be really considered as a 'drugstore' song!

just my opinion!!!

dianafsc said...

thanks for the songs, Isabel!!!

Don't Throw Me In:
loved the lyrics and the piano backing your voice! it definitely deserves a full band version!

Hardcore True Believers:
"organized religion: keeping people in line for over 2000 years"


Anonymous said...

dont throw me in; great song.
htb; hah let that be a warning to your ex's.
thank you so much for sharing, miss m
love it.

Anonymous said...

oh common, this is pure genius ! silly and fun but also completely depressing. its just why your music always cheer me up.

maybe you can keep it for a solo album :)


Adrian the Rock said...

Nice songs! Looking forward to a new album or when I can catch up for a gig.