8 August 2009

day 29 - rough demos released from the cave!
from the Oxford dictionary: roughadjective: 4- lacking sophistication or refinement. 5- not finished tidily; plain and basic. 6- harsh in sound or taste. 7- not worked or correct in every detail.
*** w a r n i n g ***
This is just a random selection of a few new demos.
1. if you can, listen on Headphones. 2. this stuff is For Your Ears Only, I trust you guys! - 3. Enjoy!
---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 - LIGHTS OUT
This was written last week, on the new guitar. Seems to capture my own predicament, standing at the edge of the cave.
2 - AQUAMARINE, a duet
This is meant to be a duel of two desperados. Beware, as I'm doing both His and Her's Vocal parts, and had to impersonate the voice of a broken Hombre!
This is a point of reflection. I keep adding more and more dubs. One of these days the portastudio is gonna turn to me and say - "I just can't take it anymore...". This is an edited version, as the track goes on forever.
This was written this week, in the wee hours, at the end of a long night at the cave.


Glen Robins said...

Absolutely beautiful! And as for the sound quality, they sound as rough as finest silk. When you've grown up listening to David Bowie/Lou Reed/T.Rex demos that sound like they've been recorded in a toilet through the door with a wax cylinder recorder, then anything where you can hear the lyrics is a bonus, but these are little sonic gems.

Anatomy has a great Doors/Velvet Underground feel to it which is no bad thing for a child of the seventies like me.

You should have a couple of songs here for the show. Lights Out would be a great opener, but Clouds HAS to be a show-finisher. You'll send everyone home with a tear in their eye.

Mr Nick Cave currently resides in the next town to me, namely Hove. I don't have his address but I think you should be able to contact him through his myspace page (http://www.myspace.com/nickcaveandthebadseeds). He is now singing the parts in my head!

Thanks for these glimpses. They are well worth the years of waiting for new material.

isabel monteiro said...

Dear G-
"..sonic little gems."
Miss monteiro secretely thought to herself- "....hummmm, drugstore fans can be quite a perceptive bunch really...."


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful music with us. Some (a.ka. me) may even like the raw demo stuff best. It is often the purest form of the music. Keep up the good work and please consider recording the upcoming show for those of us unable to attend.

Michael - Toronto, Canada

marky said...

simply beautiful=
aquamarine a real gem but also very soft spot for lights out.
clouds brought a lump to mt throat.
anatomy, such a groovy track.
my flatmate knows a guy who sometimes works for the bad seeds
you mention a reward?
thank you so much for sharing!
worth the wait!

Justine said...

I absolutely love "lights out", it feels like Drugstore were never really gone... Thanks so much for sharing the demos and for being back.

Counting the days until the gig, it was well worth the wait...

Adrian the Rock said...

Great stuff! I've only had time for a quick listen this evening, but I'll have a longer one (and on better speakers!) when I get back home later in the week.

You certainly haven't lost you way of writing songs that I can relate to in many ways!

isabel monteiro said...

you luvvys - I might even get a half-decent night sleep tonight...

isabel monteiro said...

monteiro's getting into a right grumpy-mode- nevermind the bloody music....ALL THAT BLEENDIN' EFFORT MAKING THE d r a w i n g OF THE CAVE and NOT A SINGLE mingin' COMMENT ABOUT IT!!!!!!!iT WAS probably the hardest thing in the whole process - honestly, people.
didnt you spot the little boat? "aahhhh".... and the tiny little stars?......."ahhhhhhh"
it's sooooooo LUVERLY -

Lex said...

Was waiting for comments to be allowed on the message with the drawing actually. ;) I really like it, your secret little world of the cave with its little sailing boat and stary sky... I made a wish at the shooting star. :)
+ I had a laugth with all the "stuff" - reminds me when I could hardly remember the names of the various layers during biology lessons. ;)

Can't stop listening to the demos, feel so happy that i could cry...

Diana said...

wow! that voice, THE VOICE, again!!! I'm listening to the songs over and over, and I just can't belive it is you!! you are back, Drugstore is back, we've been waiting for it for 7 years and now it feels like home again!!! thanks so much for sharing these songs with the world!!! I still can't tell which one I like the best, all of them sound special...

Estou emocionada, de verdade!


SilverMythago said...

Beautiful, extraordinary music, especially AQUAMARINE and ANATOMY, wow.

v.chick said...

i took an accidental cat nap (summery effect of midday heat + three martinis) just after pressing play on "lights out." the song must have been on repeat because it played all through my sleep and my vodka-infused dreams. the perfect soundtrack for it, i love it quite much and now find myself humming it unintentionally even awake... so excited for new tunes! *glee!*


p.s. the teensy shooting star is my favorite part of that drawing!

isabel monteiro said...
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Daniel said...

WOW! Superb.
Aquamarine- such an original track,
just perfect!
Clouds comes very close.
Good to see you back with a bang!
Really looking forward to the dingwalls show.
Thanks for sharing, we are not worthy...

isabel monteiro said...

Today - the calm after the storm.
Having a pretty cool day -
Starting to get into "gig mode"- put together a "stage plan",
christ - only 4 wks to go, and it's gonna fly.....

Lex said...

It's good you take a little time to relax, enjoy it! :)

Less than a month to go now, my oh my! :D x

Mister Superglider said...

Great work, worth of a royal rest !


isabel monteiro said...

Mister Superglider?!!
what a blindingly cool name! love it.

Ricardo said...

Lindo !!!! Greaaaaaaat songs ! C'mon we want more !!!

Mister Superglider said...

don't remember where I got that from ;)

isabel monteiro said...

Hi folks - thanks everyone for such niceties!
as for more songs - I'm already plotting in my head the nxt bunch, might even include a happy one - but impending drugstore gig will take priority over nxt few weeks.
it's going to be some night -
a night to remember!

Lettie said...


Veronica said...

Beautiful.... your music touches my heart

Daniel said...

Isabel,you should release Aquamarine with or without Mr cave.
I could do the honours...

Lex said...

May it last all night long! :) Even if I must be wandering in London under "zombie" form the next day! ;)

isabel monteiro said...

tonight I shall go hunting for shooting stars...
Isn't it just 'something' to be part of it all? To live under this most stunning canopy?!
Lex- I've seen on twitter you have seen a couple -hope I get to see one- there's always stuff to see.
Daniel: releasing it???!!! I thought I just had! damn!
tonight sleeping with the stars in my mind. At some point will start a preposterous blog about theories about the universe...

Lex said...

If you find a place with not too much artificial lights, even if the center of London must be really bright, should be ok. Where we stood yesterday evening we didn't see so much regular stars considering what one can see at the true countryside but it was still dark enough to see the shouting stars who were really bright and big. The first one lasted more than a second I think!
Hope you got to see some too. :) x

Pete4Radio said...

absolutely lovely!

Martha Ramos said...

Dear Isabel
são lindas!
vem visitar o Brasil!
martha r.

Ricardo said...

Você é mesmo mais que uma "wonder woman"! Estou arrepiado com Ligths out, perfeita!!

Que saudade da sua voz, que falta o Drugstore faz.....O show vai ser lindo, tenho certeza! Vou sentir as vibrações aqui do Brasil e ficar feliz por saber que você, o Daron e o Mike estão juntos fazendo um Great Show! Te adoro Isabel, venha logo para o Brasil.

Beijos - Richards

Anonymous said...

"clouds" is pure magic!!!!!
guess I have to quit my job in Germany to make it to the show...

hey, and thanks ...

Anonymous said...

Just discovered that Drugstore are back together - well I do live in Wales. It takes time for things to reach us here. Anatomy is absolutely brilliant. The longer the song the better. I never want your songs to end. Please come to Cardiff for a gig. Lots of love David.