17 August 2011

St Giles in the Fields gig - survival guide
Order of Service:
Dos and Don'ts:

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GrahamJ said...

Hi Isabel,

I was very excited a few months ago when I received an email from WeGotTickets to say that Drugstore were playing a gig. I have been an avid follower since stumbling into a tent at Phoenix in '94 where I found you playing (for half my life now, Drugstore have been a feature - scary! ;-), but I had assumed that the band had passed away, never to return. I was very happy to discover that after an extended hiatus Drugstore were back.

Last night's gig was great, with many of the old favourites and some excellent new tunes, all within a fabulous venue. Good too to see Darren make a brief appearance and that you are friends, as band splits are all too often acrimonious. Reminiscence aside, a number of friends unaware of the past were converted last night and they will be joining me for your Scala gig. The album is also purchased, so I eagerly await its delivery!

Unfortunate not to have been able to make the after party, but I'm sure much fun was had and I look forward to December.