21 August 2011

A-live and kicking
Bands usually hate their own performances. That, I believe, is an essential genetic trait all artists share, and it is the only tool that any musician can and should use to propel you to aim to do better: your own criticism.
One of the things I've grown to dread about the digital age is that, although it's great that so many people help plug your work, on the other hand, I have no control over it (never a good thing in my book) - and inevitably you end up with a heapload of uploaded pics and videos that you desperately want to delete/delete/delete and erase from google's implacable cached memory.
(bloody Iphones, even 5 year olds have'em).
The day after the St Giles gig, I was kinda dreading seeing the footage back, too many things could have gone wrong: 1st gig w/ new line-up and only 8/9 rehearsals, weird church acoustics, new guitar, pressure to get vino/merch and tix stand ready, and so forth.
Delighted that one of our fans, Gary Simpson, quietly shot 'Lights Out'. By no means perfect, but I think it captures the evening's intense atmosphere really well, and no, Drugstore didn't do too badly either.
I think I can live with this one. just. .
'lights out' shot by Gary Simpson /St Giles Church, Anatomy album launch - 18/08/2011


Marcio said...

Wonderful song in a lovely place. I can imagine the rest of the concert...

Lex said...

Brings back very nice memories, like bein able to peep into the gig by a small temporal window -here we see the great side of the digital age when mastered :) x

dianafsc said...

hey Isabel!

would you give us the set list and a full list of musicians/instruments for this show? please?

wish I could have been there...


Rocksucker.co.uk said...

My name is Jonny Abrams and I run the website Rocksucker.co.uk - we'd love to arrange an email interview with you if you'd be up for that? Also happy to do over the phone or in person. We are based in London. Please drop me a line at jonny@rocksucker.co.uk if you're interested!

All the very best,
Jonny Abrams

isabel monteiro said...

Hey ppl - tx for support - u guys know what it means to us: a lot! x x x x

Hey J- our pr person is vanessa:
but am happy to organise meself - will send email latr.
x is