10 August 2011

Panic in the streets of LDN - Rough Trade Instore Cancelled
What a craze, craze weekend.
Our beloved city turned into a makeshift mini-war zone.
Subject too complex to digress, and still feeling a bit under the weather, having witnessed more disturbing tv clips than brain can digest.
As a result, and concerned that situation, although now under control, still a bit edgy, we decided to postpone our instore appearance at the Bricklane Rough Trade shop.
It's always a bummer to let people down, but Monday evening Police asked all the shops 'round the area to close earlier - as our instore would have been at 7pm, we felt that there was a small, but possible chance, that we might be putting our fans, crew and band in a vulnerable position - and that's never worth the risk.
For everyone who bought the album at RT store and a wristband, expecting to see the band, we promise, we'll either re-schedule the instore or come up with some other alternative.
It's disappointing for us, but real heartbreaking for all the cool/good/innocent people who found themselves caught in the middle of such volatile situation.
All of our tiny fingers are now crossed, hoping that things will cool off, and our minds and hearts are dead set on delivering a heart-warming performance at St Giles Church next week.
stay cool.

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