28 January 2010

day 202- Drugstore ICA gig announcement
It's 4am, while the Kew neighbourhod gently breathes into peacefulness, I suddenly woke up with a setlist for the ICA gig sharp clear in my head. Might need to consider renaming this blog 'diary of a slightly crazy woman on the verge of small happiness'.


Lex said...

Hard to get to sleep yesterday evening, too much excitement in the air! :D Very curious about the setlist now, wish May was a bit closer but I know it will come fast... though it means I'll turn 30, scary! Ah well, just f*ck it, I'm not growing in my head, still a "grown up teenager" as you wrote once. ;)
Take care x

10X30 said...

I'll be thirty next October! I have nothing, I have done nothing, and I'm already 30...

most of the times it feels like I'm still 19...

please help us Isabel!


isabel monteiro said...

been meaning to update this - just been a little crazy with stuff to do, getting caught in that deadly cycle of email/twitter/phone/facebook/email/myspace/phone/phone/facebook/twitter/phone/email/phone/email/ ........arrrghhhhh get me outta here!
all going good.
As for the big '30' -look, they way I genuinely look at it, is that we're never happy whichever point in the timeline we're at - that's just the measure of our own stupidity -
Lex - you're turning 30? that's a good age, ppl might still ask to see yr ID at clubs...
10X30: Done nothing? Sounds like a good lifeplan- just being and not doing much at all, cool, keep at it.