27 January 2010

day 201- Drugstore ICA gig announcement
The ICA gig has just been confirmed and the cave already thrown into chaos. Just realised it's nearly 7pm and I'm yet to have some breakfast, and the daily marlboro lights' ration is lookin' dangerously low.
I'm thrilled to be playing the ICA, the perfect venue for what I'm confident will be an evening of extravagant abandon, music, heartstrings and passion.
This once rusty drugstore carousel, now just beginning to turn 'round smoothly, gracias to the much needed oil injection from the new cowboys.
Have a feeling this cowgirl won't be the only one struggling to fall asleep tonight.
Deep in the heart of London, a cowboy, a spaceman and a little monkey will also be lying in the dark, eyes wide open, dreaming about the exciting days ahead.


M.J. Nicholls said...

This is most sincerely radical.

Kismet said...

the most underrated band i ever listened. kisses from spain

isabel monteiro said...

'This is most sincerely radical.'-
beautiful sentence, might come in handy someday...

the most underrated band?I guess that's cool and better than most bands'inevitable path to overrratedness...