21 January 2010

day 195- meet the new cowboys - is that a gun in your pocket...?
Ils sont arriv├ęs! The supersonic cowboys have landed and bringing along a truckload of hope and spark into the Drugstore chest.
I hope that Drugstore fans all over the Galaxy will open their hearts, as I have, and give them the warm drugster welcome they deserve.
I wanted to end-up with a 4-piece band that had a lot of flexibility: solo acoustic, duo-acoustic, 3-piece trashy-electric, and the full-on line-up, with mariachi on stand-by, so we can face the music, whatever the weather.
We'll be spending the next couple of months locked away in rehearsals, but going by the few hours already shared in the studio.
God bloody bless every single one of them for rising up to the great Drugstore challenge!


Roman said...

yeah! and yeah!!!

Anonymous said...

that's great - fantastic news!
When is the next gig?

Diana said...

welcome aboard the crazy Drugstore train, guys!

Drugstore comeback 2010 finally coming true... we've been waiting for that for years!

please get the old songs as fast as you can, we need you - live and kicking - as soon as possible!

Mumu said...

Welcome Folks!!!

I Really wish you good luck!!!

Excited to see you playing together, old and new songs!!!!!


Mumu Silva