17 July 2011

Tinkle tinkle mini-mouse star - (yep..., another Ebay fuck-up)
I love Ebay, it's a treasure trove for the financially challenged bargain hunter.
An adventure that often starts with 'ink replacement+HPF380', but somehow ends with a 'commit to buy - vintage Snoopy bottle-opener'.
Soooo cute (ebay lingo), how can anyone resist?
There, all in favour of the impulsive, the superfluous and the ridiculous, rise and bid NOW.
Band just started getting a live set together and I was looking for some bits and bobs of percussion.
Find out what happened next...
(it looked alright on the picture - it did - it did!)
el seller-bastardo never listed the true size of his balls. coward:


Mortiss said...

You could wear them as earings!

Neil Boyd said...

I found a Tibetan bell, but I don't think it's what you meant.


isabel monteiro said...

- earings? hummm mb.
- ahhh, so those are Tibetan bells, like'em, but, nope, not wot Im after,
might get em anyway.

Lex said...

When I first saw the picture, I actually thought they were earings lol! Now, if you get twin cats, each can get a little bell on its collar! ;P

isabel monteiro said...

mistery solved by a smart drugster:
what I was really aftr is actually called a chinese meditation ball -
he sent me ebay link/bought a pair.
we're on our way guys! x x x