20 July 2011

Drugstore Film Club - we recommend:
* GOMORRA * by Matteo Garrone
Winner of the GrandPrix at Cannes 2008, this is a compelling, incredible film, that left me shaking and reeling.
Full synopsis + info on the wiki:
Set in the harsh and moral-free world of a mafia controlled Naples' suburb - the film tracks down the slippery and crooked paths of different characters trapped in its underbelly.
Don't be put-off by its mafioso setting, this is a far cry from the Godfather's velvet clad glamorous set-pieces: it's as fast, brash and dry, as Sicily itself. It feels and looks very real indeed.
From the island that gave us both Bellini and Pirandello, director Mateo Garrone lays bare the putrid entrails of humanity at its lowest.
Essential viewing.
you can get it on Ebay: Gomorrah dvd

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