14 March 2013

drugstoreband.com - band Website c'est arrivé
Sorry, pope Francis, but today only 1 substanciated miracle:
Drugstore mini website is finally up and running.
Glad it all seems to be working fine, and pleased I'm finally gonna be able to move ffw and get into a few of the cool projects I have in mind for this year.
The site is pretty simple - I kinda like it like that, and hope you like it too.



Anonymous said...

the website is really good, and did you say that a stroll beyond the cave and into the light is a working title or something, cos that would be a really good title

isabel monteiro said...

hey anon >
v kind of you to say website is good. Ppl have no idea of tears this pathetic songstress went through: just 1 week b4 website upload lost 90% of all files: gaphics/photos etc - devastating.
if anon likes it: me happy! x