6 December 2012

The best and worst - 2012
We kicked off 2012 with some real nice gigs, but following my father's death soon after, much of the year was spent tangled-up with family affairs and lawyers, in a saga worthy of a mad Shakespeare play.
Glad that's now all behind me and I can shift my focus back to music, art, bottles of vin and all the pretty things I truly love.
Some crazy, some wonderful and a few ridiculous things were said or overheard along the way.
Did YOU really say THAT? Let's find out, shall we?


 - What you really wanna do is re-launch Drugstore as an american band,  so they stop mixing you up with 90s Brit.
- Wot? are you craze? We're not a rocket, we don't wanna be re-launched, whatever - why can't people just let us be?!

- erm... but your bedroom door wasn't locked, so I thought...
- Right.., I'm gonna count to 3, real slow, and when I'm done, you're gonna disappear, get it? here we go... one..., twoooooo... 

- Oh... I see what you mean... you actually want me to play the parts like they are on the record, huh?
- If you could bring yourself to it, yes please.

- Isabel, your blog is too 'wordy', these days people just wanna see a few nice pics. 
- Wordy?! But that's the whole bloody point of writing a blog... with words, lots and lots of words. If people don't like it, they can just go to the next stoopid blog and see some nice pics of cats playing piano with silly hats on, that's fine by me.

- The last 2 Drugstore gigs were the best I've seen all year...
- ah... that's nice.

- Ok, this is how we gonna do this: we gonna eat the muck, schtum on the trenches, then swallow the whole amaretto, d'accord?
- yep, got it.

-  Have you ever thought about doing a duet with.. (here> insert name of any vaguely famous, regardless of whether or not I actually like their music or voice...)?
- Nope, I haven't and nope, I won't. 

- Someone broke into your PRS account at a cash-point in Stratford. Newsagent kept the cctv. Some guy with long hair.
- Hummm... that does surprise me. I thought long-haired guys were supposed to be the good ones. There is no hope.

- Let me warn you: a lift to the tube station round the corner with El Pedro at the helm is never that straightforward.
- (4 times going round the same block later, Steve, our drummer: 'Christ.. now I know what you mean. Please stop the car, I think it'll be easier if I just walk, I really don't mind getting wet, honestly...'

-  'drugstore' - has anyone ever heard of this band?
-  without doubt, our favourite twit of the year.

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