1 March 2012

Aquamarine single / homemade video
A few weeks ago I came across some archives of criminal mugshots and crime scenes - pretty fascinating stuff, in a twisted sort of way - like when you see a car crash, you don't want to, but you can't help but look.
One face stood out, this man bearing the longing stare of someone whose life had derailed so badly, that the only road ahead was a lonesome bottle of cheap vino.
I fell in love and decided to finally give him the break that had so eluded him in his life, and made him the star of our little video.
I'm no videographer and only have at my disposal my crappy PC and an old copy of windows movie maker, but I think this mini-vid captures something of the sadness of the characters in the song, and their sweetness. (I'm getting a bit tearful, now - don't know why).
The single is out on apr 2, the last outpost from the Anatomy harbour, and probably my last for sometime.
enjoy. we're still here.
. .
----------------------------------------------------------------- Aquamarine mini-vid extra footage source credits:
* 'lonesome cowboy on the beach' - Sydney Pollack 1969 'They Shoot Horses, dont they?'
* 'dance teaser' - 'Sheree Tiger Dance' - vintage erotic film / public domain
* 'blue water horse legs' - aquapacer horse rehabilitation machine
There is a wealth of clips/footage and effects freely available to everyone /one of the cool things of our digi age, all you need is a little bit of time and effort to source it out.


Marjorie said...

Olá Isabel, tudo bem? um amigo me mostrou um cd do Drugstore e eu desde então fiquei super fã do trabalho de vocês! Sou professora de música e a grande maioria das musicas que eu tenho escutado por aqui (no Brasil), tem deprimido minha alma e saber que esta dando certo com você e que as músicas são geniais, me traz uma sensação muito boa :) Parabéns novamente pelo trabalho, quem sabe um dia vocês fazem um show pra ca, não é mesmo?? :)

isabel said...

mensagen bonita: obrigado.
x x x

Anonymous said...

Hey Isabel,

I occasionally dip into your blog and thought I'd drop a quick comment/nod.

Pretty simple really - I noticed a couple of your comments doffing your proverbial hat to other (great) artists and, at the same time being a bit self-deprecating. I think you're being a bit hard on yourself.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that beauty's in the eye of the beholder, and music is about as subjective as you can get.

I think your talent goes beyond what you give yourself credit for. A bunch of Drugstore numbers would litter the list of songs that mean most to me and, as much as I like them (and I do), tracks by the others wouldn't make my "top 20".

Hmmm. That's about it really. Thanks for the songs.

isabel said...

what a nice comm / tx / x x x