6 January 2012

Aquamarine, earlybird 2012 tour dates
Just the antidote needed for the post new year cobalt blues: a measured dose of Drugstore gigs to light up the way.
I love booking gigs, it all gets a bit frantic 'round the cave, and I have to keep checking and double-checking I have the 2012 calendar in front of me, and not some obscure byzantine almanac.
I'm a bit shambolic and all over the place, granted, but, no one can dispute the fact that I do get there in the end, and like my dear mum used to say:
'The difference between a Rottweiler and Isabel, is that the dog, eventually let go...' - woof woof.
Very pleased we got 3 really nice venues, friday night gigs, which are great for the fans (and band too!) - so all we got to do now is pray real hard that the fanbase are still alive and kickin...
Go Drugsters Go!


Lex said...

Hahaha, love your mother's expression! ;) This is the way I am too, when I truly want something...

Can't wait for the gig in LEXington! xxx

isabel monteiro said...

:) sometimes you just got to fight for the right to party.
see you at the LEX. x