9 July 2010

day 364- A year in the life
A year ago I posted my 1st blog entry: it was about switching the Portastudio on in over 7 years, demoing a few new songs and organising the Drugstore Dingwalls reunion gig.
That week I had a meeting with Daron Robinson at the Cave, when we discussed if people would turn up for our show. He mentioned we had about 300 fans in the newly set-up Facebook Group, and I remember thinking: 'Wow, that's a lot of cool people.'
A year on, and edging towards 1.000 FB group members, purely on word-of-mouth, having sold-out both the Dingwalls and ICA gigs, signed to a cool booking agency, played Glastonbury with an exciting new line-up, and now with a clear path ahead leading to a new album and more adventures, I cannot help but be super-pleased at our progress.
It's pretty amazing what a mini-person can achieve, if the heart is in the right place, is it not?
It's clear though, that there's absolutely no way I could have moved the idea forward without getting help, for there is only so much one can accomplish solo - and I have to say, no more so than in my case, as 'cave in darkness' pretty much summed up how very isolated I was.
I have totally enjoyed sharing the stories, the ups and downs, and am genuinely touched that there's people out there who are hoping that the tale that can never have a happy ending will, at least, have a few new meaningful chapters.
The list of people we already have much to thank for gets longer each day: from every Drugstore FB group member, mad twitter follower, Paul B, Emma at ITB, Vinita at RocketGirl, Suzanne at AiE, Harry F, to every email and good-will message received, fans who sent me a mobile phone and a great guitar to write songs in, and even a new pair of knickers, the Cowboys gone by and the one's who are still standing, who have dedicated a great deal of time and effort into the project.
Everyone made a difference.
As we're now about to embark upon PHASE II of this shambolic masterplan: recording new music, getting the band to develop, release an album, it will be a question of vocation rather than talent, as the potential for cool new music is now very tangible and real.
Vocation is not something that can be acquired, it's embedded in your genes, it gives you stamina, determination, focus and drive to roll with the crazy flow.
This now fast-moving Drugstore Express will keep hurtling its way forward, shamelessly, and no Divine Intervention could stop us now. Coming with us?


thiago carvalho-fernandes said...


since day one, been cheering for you. here i send my good wishes and keep it going, girl!

cheers from brazil.

Anonymous said...

with ys all the way.
cannot wait for the album.

Anonymous said...

Nice one Isobel, keep on keeping on.....glad things are bubbling up nicely.

Looking forward to a new album too!

dianafsc said...

definitely coming with Drugstore to PHASE II, anytime anywhere!

year one was surprising and exciting and emotional...
looking forward to songs, albums, gigs, t-shirts and more from now on!

365 days after, I'll say it again: welcome back Drugstore!

Anonymous said...

Isabel (que estranho te chamar assim !)

Vai que é tua tafarel ! O futuro, é uma incógnita, torço por vc e pelo Drugstore.

Um super beijo


Ricardo Monteiro

Gary S said...

Yes, with you all the way! So much achieved in a year, it's been great to be on the journey and long may the Drugstore Express continue.

Mister Superglider said...

hell yeah ! as long as Drugstore is there :)

slopey said...

great year - and the demos are fantastic. Cant wait to see what the future has in store for you.

Please get over to Dublin soon