3 May 2010

day 297- From zero to hero - Back in the saddle again
Two and a 1/2months, 20 odd rehearsals, dozens of dunkin donuts and a few beers later:
'I've got a little something for ya'.
I could go on about the effort made, the achievement, how lucky I've been to have found these guys, how awesome the new songs are sounding, but instead, I'm just gonna tell you this:
I never wanted a bunch of non-descript 'yes, mam sailors' onboard, I wanted a great band, a real band, with volcanic activity within, cutting right into Drugstore's music.
That the 3 musketeers have slotted beautifully into the slightly weird shape of Drugstore, and that rehearsals, although at times, not without some pressure, were filled with joy and laughters, it's something that I could not have envisaged even in my most optimistic predictions.
I loved every minute of it.
If my mother was still alive she would probably be saying- 'Musketeers?! You cannot be serious! these guys are living-proof that angels exist - Nobel peace prix winners every single one of them.'
Yes, I can be a pain, dear, I know.
That we managed to get there in the end without a single argument is an achievement in itself. For, believe me, these guys could not have chosen to work alongside a more demanding little missy, who never settles for 2nd best, who never measures my comments, and drives the spaceship forward, battle-mode, like a madman on lifetime mission to save some precious little beast.
A tough call indeed.


graeme said...

i'd grown kind of worried at the lack of content isabel but told myself it was just because it was all practice practice practice.... apparently it makes perfect (or so i'm told).

really sorry i won't be there but hoping that you'll be able to convey the experience through this blog in some shape way or form so i can be so very jealous of those who were.

good luck to you and the muskateers on wednesday. i hope you shake the place and its occupants to their roots and that it delivers what we've come to expect - a beautiful involved floating memory of a performance.

welcome to the show.

isabel monteiro said...

Hey G-
worried! oh man, you have no idea how busy I've been. Needs to be mentioned that everyone here also has some kind of part-time job going as well - so time-stretched to the max.
No need to worry about being there - you're there already.

graeme said...

well, it appears you rocked the ICA. I read a couple of reviews. Hilarious review on soundsxp.com described you as "diminutive potty mouthed queen of fiest" while the poetry of this line from the londonist left me wishing i was there in a judith chalmers kind of way "some songs drifts like dreams, others pound like blood vessels when you're in the midst of something exciting and filthy".... you must have been very impressive!

Have also seen a couple of the vids on youtube... absolutely awesome. say hello sounded pretty perfect and the enjoyment was obvious and one captures the bit before white magic for lovers where you discuss the advice about no drinking, smoking.

what happens now...?

slopey said...

Isabel - been a long time reader of your blog, even longer time lover of your music - great to see the fire is strong and the bitter/sweet angelic cowboys are heading for Glastonbury. I'm flying out from Dublin in 7 hours - absolutely cannot wait!!!! After all these years I feel like i owe you a beer ;-) so happy its going so well for you at the moment. let the sun shine down on a perfect weekend

isabel monteiro said...

hya graeme- gonna have a well deseced spot of summer fun w/ the cowboys - then start demoing/rec material for nxt album.
x x x

hya slopey -
might take you up on that beer offer!
x x x