26 September 2009

day 78- name the new song & share Nobel prize with me
* competition now closed *
145 entries! Thanks everyone for taking part, it was a lot of supersonic fun.
  • Black Holes & Broken Hearts (Paul Fletcher)
  • Einstein's Little Helper (Glen Robins)
  • All that Matters (John A Fotheringham)
  • Masterplan b (Angela)
  • Pretty Accident (Ant Standring)
  • Heaven Knows I'm A Drugster Now (Katie Ken)
  • Cavegirl Theory (Gary S)
A full list w/ all the suggested crazynames is on the drugstore facebook page. I have now deleted all comms. as blog was getting a little heavy. ----------------------------------------------------------------------
..."Dear Drugstore Citizens,
As an antidote to the post-gig blues, the colder weather upon us, and to dispel the long unfounded myth of only writing blood-stained, heartbreakin' songs of misery and loss, I've decided to unleash a little tune to lighten-up the mood. It hardly classifies as a b-side, but nevertheless, it cunningly answers some rather tricky questions about the Nature of our Universe.
It is YOUR job to NAME the TRACK.
So, think you can do it? go ahead, drugster, make my day..."
Black Holes & Broken Hearts - Nobel Prize competition tune